30 pts max.

Find index of minimum value in sequence

a) formal problem statement observations:

-1       uses word 'Array' when 'sequence' is more general
         (note, sequence was used in provided example of sorting)

-2       uses English when mathematical symbols are more formal and precise 
         (note,  was used in provided example of sorting)

b) pseudocode

-2          missing 
-2          fulfilling precondition(s) does not ensure correct/meaningful output
-1          indicates unnecessary conditions 

-2       missing header

-1       missing return statement

c) Loop Invariant (L.I.)

-10         missing.... uh-oh  (will give some credit if 'proof' provided that seems to indicate you
                                 had one in mind and just forgot to write it down...but only this time!)
-1          using English instead of more formal notation and symbols
-2          does not clearly indicate connection to any loop and/or loop variable(s) !

***      proof? / discussion?
         proof will not be graded if L.I. provided is not 'provable' WRT pseudocode under considerationi

With Respect To (wrt or WRT)