For various legal, assessment, or pedagogical reasons, please make sure that several important things be part of your syllabus.

  1. To help your students avoid plagiarism, please remind students in writing about their need to observe the Honor Code, and about standards you expect them to maintain in composing papers or taking exams.
  2. Please acknowledge on your syllabus that the last day of classes is the last day they can submit papers or other creative productions for your course.
  3. Please mention that, beginning this fall, all books required for a course will be on 3 hour reserve in the library. This will be a boon to those who come to campus and realize they have forgotten their text when working on a paper, etc. It may help those with limited financial means as well. This is a pilot project by the library and they will assess its usefulness after a term or two.
  4. Please make sure that

    your syllabus has a comment about accommodations. I recommend that you use the statement here created by the Director of the Wellness Center, Nicole Noffsinger- Frazier, but you may add whatever version you choose. We are obligated by federal law to offer accomodations. Faculty may not refuse to offer them but may decide how best to make those accommodations.

    Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) Statement

    The University of the South is committed to fostering respect for the diversity of the University community and the individual rights of each member of that community. In this spirit, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the University seeks to provide disabled students with the reasonable accommodations needed to ensure equal access to the programs and activities of the University. If you have a disability and require accommodations in this course, you have the responsibility of presenting your instructor with a copy of your academic accommodations letter from the University Wellness Center (931-598-1325). Accommodations will not be provided without this documentation, and accommodations cannot be applied retroactively. Additional information about disability accommodations can be found at

  5. Please plan to administer each final examination during the period officially scheduled for that class. Exams given early, during the last week of classes, unfairly shorten students' time to prepare and interfere with teaching that your faculty colleagues may be trying to complete in other courses. And while you are free to weight papers or other out-of-class work more heavily, please do plan to administer a written final exam.
  6. Please indicate on the syllabus the learning goals relevant to the category of your course.
  7. Also, please remember that the Wellness Center does not provide absence notices. If a student is going to be out of class for an extended time, the Dean of Students office will alert all teachers on the student's schedule of the absence.