CSCI 157 - Lab
CSCI 157 - Lab

Thurs 2-5pm
LinuxLab (aka WL 136)

Prof. Lucia K. Dale
Mon 11 am - noon
Tue 11 am - noon
Wed 1 - 2pm
Thu none
Fri none
and   by appt
    email:     ldale AT sewanee D0T edu
    phone:     598-1814
Date Lab Assignment thru material in ... Welcome to the lab section for your Introduction to Programming course. We will meet every Thursday from 2-5pm. You should expect to be here the entire time; every week.

We will pretty much work on design, implementation, and debugging of actual programs on the machines in this room ("The Linux Lab" aka WL 136). In the interest of saving the trees there will be very few paper handouts or submissions. Every week, the new Thursday lab will appear here. As the semester goes on, and the work becomes more involved, you can expect to find detailed instructions for the day's lab by following a link here. Your grade for lab will be determined by the progress you make here, your focus, and your dedication. This is one of your best chances to get one on one help with other programmers. For this reason, lab's are absolutely required and cannot be "made up" either ahead of time or after the fact. They depend on you being here with us -- on time -- the whole time -- every week.

Obviously, university excused absences will be honored.

Numerically, your grade will be determined based on the number of labs you successfully complete during the semester. So if there are 13 labs and you miss one lab and that absence is not university excused, your grade for lab will at most be 12/13 * 100 = 92%.

Absences to Date

Labs are designed for your benefit. Come to all of them and take full advantage of the experience and you will be very pleased with the outcomes -- grade and programming proficiency.

Lucia K. Dale

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