CSCI 157 - HW 9

Homework 9 - Chapters 1-18

Go Crazy, but in an Interesting Way

  1. Consider the following
    • Figure 17.15 on page 495
    • Source code provided for RubberBall and TennisBall provided on page 495.

    You may use RubberBall as is but I want you to ...

    1. Write a new version of TennisBall so that the curves are rotated as show in image on this page.

    2. Write the fourth class for BasketBall & provide a client that generates your own copy of Figure 17.15, sized as shown. This should not take long unless you are a very slowwwww typist.

    Submit only your Client (5 pts) , TennisBall (5 pts) and BasketBall (5 pts) classes. I have the RubberBall class already and will use it to test your classes.

  2. Design your own application that makes sense and you think will be amusing or interesting in some way to me (your grader!)
    • (20 pts) uses arrays (single dimensional, multi-dimensional, or -heck- both) in sensible way(s)
    • (40 pts) uses inheritance starting from one objectdraw graphical class and extends it in non-trivial ways through at least two levels of inheritance. Be warned! This *must* include both mutating and accessing methods. (ie, MORE than just constructors) Extra Credit possible for a 3rd level but will be considered only if all other parts of this assignment have been included.
    • (10 pts) uses File I/O, where file name(s) are not know in advance, to get some necessary information that is used in visually apparent way in your graphics.
    • (10 pts) a client that uses the full functionality of all of the above in some coherent way that is intuitive to a user -- who is not just you!

For this last homework assignment, coding standards will be graded as part of each exercise.
If you make a good faith effort to fully satisfy them all, you will not lose points.
If you get sloppy ... well ... just don't.

This is your grand finale. Have fun!

95 points