Late assignments

No late assignments will be accepted and there are no make-up exams or quizzes.
Discuss unusual circumstances in advance with the instructor.

Computer use and accounts:



Collaboration & Computer Science
Well-intentioned students sometimes become confused when applying this definition to code and programming. Source code that you get from some source (including the web, other people, books, articles, etc.) other than your own interpretation of the course work and course materials can *sometimes* be used.

If your reason for doing so is a variant of one of the following, you might be able to use it.

  1. "I couldn't figure out how to make part X of the assignment work."
  2. "It would've taken too long."

If you ever do so, however, you are responsible for STRICTLY documenting where you obtained it. Failure to do so will be considered plagarism. You are also responsible for documenting how you used it; and why you didn't write it yourself from scratch. In addition, you MUST fully understand the code -- how it works and what it does -- before submitting it with your own. And finally, you should expect to lose some points on your grade, depending on how great a percentage of your work it solves.

Please note that unless you are specifically instructed otherwise, the following and their variants are unacceptable:

  • "It wasn't the interesting part of the exercise."
  • "I figured you wouldn't mind."
  • "I knew that Student X was using it."